The Journal goes on to record many more walks and I will try, so far as possible, to cover them all in the future. But it is a long and solitary task! Needless to say any memories or thoughts you have of these or later times in Exeter would be very welcome and would greatly encourage me to continue. See if you have any photographs or any memorabilia of any kind. Any slides you have with distinctive red borders like the one on the extreme right are likely to be pre-1960. When rummaging through old boxes keep a sharp look out for envelopes like the one on the left. They may contain precious Vosper Arthur photographs. Keep anything you have in a very safe place and let us have a look sometime. Contact the Out of Doors Society or the Alumni Office. Remember these memories are ephemeral and very precious.

For Winter reading you may be interested in the two following ebooks which are planned for publication in the Autumn of 2016:


Using old Film Cameras by John Watson. There are so many film cameras hidden away in attics and drawers. Many of them are fine instruments capable of excellent results and there is a revival of interest in them analogous to the revival of interest in old LP vinyl records.

They have some advantages compared to digital cameras such as direct vision viewfinders and easy manual operation. Many people claim that they give a special colour rendering which is better than that of digital cameras.

This ebook attempts to sort out what is usable and what is not and explains why it is worthwhile and enjoyable to rescue them from obscurity.

Stereo Photography by John Watson. Parallel stereo cards originated with the Victorians in the 1850s and they have a good track record. The stereo effect works for most people. You need a stereo viewer and I recommend the Loreo Lite Viewer. This is a simple light-weight viewer made of card and should cost only a few pounds if you shop around.

The book is illustrated with 15 stereo cards which are mainly of Goathland and the surrounding North Yorkshire Moors area. You will be able to download a sample to see that the stereo effect works for you.