This was the first pedestrian precinct which I had ever encountered and, in the late 1950s, it seemed a daring innovation. Could shops actually survive without all the passing traffic? Compared with High Street it was a haven of peace and quiet.
 The Cathedral Close with the Royal Clarence Hotel in the background. Whenever I passed this hotel it seemed to be the very essence of gracious living. I resolved that, when I made my fortune and returned to Exeter, this would be where I would stay. Well, sadly, I never made my fortune and so the hotel still awaits my custom.
 Ancient 16th century buildings and on one of them it says Express & Echo. Notices on the window say that the business has moved to Sidwell Street. So this was 1958 and the Echo had just moved to new premises in Sidwell Street. Also shown is Timothy Whites and Taylors and, if you turned left there, you were in Gandy Street and this was where it all happened.