A tour around the City and University in the late 1950s

The ornate building in the Cathedral Close called Mol's Coffee House had ceased to serve coffee long before I came to Exeter. The small church on the left has particular memories because it was looked after by Dr. Shutt, the University Anglican Chaplain, whom many of you will remember for his enormous understanding of and patience for students. He also owned a large old English sheepdog called Susan who sometimes accompanied us on our walks. Susan was a great favourite and is featured in some later photographs.



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 Boots Corner and oh yes, the ABC Savoy was showing "Les Girls". Remember Mitzi Gaynor and Kay Kendall? Not the the most memorable of films, but the Savoy was very popular with the students and I remember seeing a lot of good films there including "The King and I". In the late 1950's cinemas were having a hard time. They were losing out to the rapidly growing television audience and their attempt to fight back with such innovations as wide screen was not proving successful
   Looking along High Street towards Sidwell Street in an age before supermarkets. Exeter was badly bombed during the War and much of the High Street had been rebuilt. I always thought that the rebuilding had been well done and avoided the concrete brutalism which had been allowed to disfigure so many other cities. A huge advert for Wills Woodbines dominates one of the older buildings in the background.
 I never went inside the Guildhall while I was a student in Exeter. Maybe at that time it was not open to the public. It was one of the ancient buildings in the City which came very close to destruction during extensive wartime bombing.